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Hey, we get it. Sometimes you're better off learning at your own pace. That's why we created a Home Study Course option, so you can take the State Approved Notary Public Class from the comfort of your own home. So go ahead, slip into your PJs (we won't judge) and lets get some learning done.

This online notary video course is   free  for anyone who is taking the live notary class & exam AND YOU WILL HAVE FREE ACCESS to this course for up to one year so you can come back to it later for review or should you need a reminder about how to do things properly.  This unique benefit is like having an on-demand notary assistant with you whenever you need answers, especially once you begin providing your first few notarial services. You have unlimited access to all of these videos for up to one year from the date of registration for the live notary class & exam. You can select whatever specific area to watch anywehre within the course and there are no time limits at all! 

You may also purchase this course instead of going to a seminar and take it right from your computer. This course will satisfy the Secretary of State's educational requirements for the notary application. If you use this course rather than attending a seminar, you will need to complete an affidavit included as a download in this course that you are the one who completed the course. You will email or fax that affidavit to us and we will send you the Proof of Completion that you need to take with you to take the notary examination. 


 All notary exams must be taken in person and exams are always given at our seminar location immediately following our live notary classes at 4:15pm. We do not charge you extra to take the notary examination with us at our seminar location if you have purchased this online notary course.(valid for purchase after Jan 1, 2017).  Take the notary exam whenever you want by calling us to register for the examination as long as we have room in our class on that date.

Once you are ready to take the notary exam, you will have a seat waiting for you whenever you want up to a year from the date of purchase. If you decide to take the notary seminar instead, you may do that as well and we do not charge extra.


  Why should you consider  taking our live notary class now instead of paying for this online notary course?  

  • If you take the notary class and same day exam at any of our locations,  we will have everything you need available for you to complete ALL of your application requirements in one day at that location. We will complete the notary application, the background check, the registration form, complete the Proof of Completion, take the passport photo and have discounted notary supplies available.
  • We have a Pass the Exam Guarantee for our live 6-hour notary class.
  • Since this online notary course is absolutely a free part of your live notary class & exam registration, you will already have complete and unlimited access to this video course and will already be registered to take your notary exam with us.
  • All of  instructors are professional speakers with more than 20 years of experience as a notary in California and more than 10 years of experience teaching notary classes. Live instruction always has higher passing rates because you will be focused only on the class during that one day.
  • Our classroom curriculum is designed for anyone, especially for those with absolutely no experience as a notary public!
  • Deep discounted pricing on our notary supplies such as notary seals, notary journals and other supplies not available in our notary store.


I prefer to register for a notary class now.


If you absolutely cannot attend the live notary class and you want to use this online notary course instead, you must still take the exam in person. We have your seat waiting for you but you must call us to register. Take the exam at any of our locations.

The Secretary of State does not permit the exam to be taken online.

You may take this online notary course and then schedule your notary exam by calling us at 909-915-1201.

For those who cannot attend the class, take your class online:

This course is State Approved for your Notary Commission

  • Do not pay for this course if you are registered for a live notary class because it comes free with your notary class registration. Watch the video course right now on your PC or tablet. Register now for a live class or select more info below to proceed if you want more detailed information.

6 Hour Course
(for new notaries)

3 Hour Course
(for re-commissioning notaries)

Do not pay for this course if you have already registered for a notary class & exam date with us because it is free.

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