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How to become a notary public How to become a notary public

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Handling name differences between docs and IDs.     
Notary exam prep focus on fines.
Marketing ideas for your new mobile notary business.
                                        .. and more.

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Student Comments - 2015

First of all, thanks so much! Like I said to you, you were phenomenal. You know I had prepared myself a little before today, but listening to you was 10 times better. The examples help very much, so we can all picture perfectly the scenario as opposed to reading so much theory. The test went fine.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and thought your presentation was entertaining and productive. Although there was a lot of material to cover in 6 hours, you made it palatable and interesting. The material you covered was well targeted to the test and I am assuming that I did well on the exam (smile).

I want to thank you for being such a great teacher. I enjoyed the class very much. Loved all your little tricks. I got a 100 on the test. Once again you're GREAT.

I passed the exam! Thank you very much for teaching this class..

Your class was very informative and given a an easy to follower manner. I was a NY notary for over 20 years and NY and CA and night and day when it comes to what is required. The class was very run in a very organized and professional manner. Thank you so much!

Thank you for a great class today. It was filled with lots of great questions and very helpful information. I appreciate all your knowledge it was more than I anticipated. It has been one of the best presented and so well received than the ones in my past Notary prep classes.Thank you for an enjoyable 6 hours.

Since this is my 3rd time doing this, I have quite a bit of comparison, and while the other instructors in the past have been great, I can honestly say you were the best. Thanks much!

Your class was the first notary class I took that I actually could follow and learn. I've been a Notary since 1987

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